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Our Staff

Nancy Marin – Director

Nefretery “Nancy” Marin has a life long career of public service with a wide range of diverse experiences. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy with a minor in campaign strategies from the Universidad Catholica de Honduras, which fueled her passion for public service and advocacy. Nancy has been an active participant and industry leader across several industries including tourism & hospitality, conservation activism, and NGO/ non-profit organizations. She has sat on the board of directors of Friends for Conservation (FCD) and the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO).

Nancy has a passion for community development and has initiated several of her own service projects in her community of Cayo, Belize. These projects served as the inspiration for creating NM Productions Belize, so that non-profit organizations across Belize could recruit international volunteers through a single volunteer placement portal. In her free time, Nancy enjoys experimental gardening and creating home décor out of painted recycled bottles.

Jaime Marin – Volunteer Coordinator

Jaime Marin has been deeply involved with NM Productions and it’s associated community projects from the very beginning. He earned an Associates of Business Administration from the University of Belize and a Bachelors in Architecture from Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala. Jaime also has years of experience in the hospitality industry, making him a powerhouse of knowledge for several of our projects.

Jaime is particularly passionate about sharing knowledge about sustainable living with volunteers. While he spends most of his time engineering and designing the earthbag architecture behind Barzakh Falah, the transitional home for young women in Georgeville, Belize, Jaime has implemented sustainable practices such as composting at the NM Productions volunteer guesthouse.

Louis Diaz- Volunteer Group Coordinator

Louis Diaz joined the NM Productions team in 2011 after volunteering on the earthbag construction at Barzakh Falah, our very own community project. Inspired by the innovation in sustainability at Barzakh Falah, Louis stayed involved with the project, and became an official member of the NM Productions team as a Group Volunteer Coordinator in 2013. After receiving a General Science degree from Belmopan Comprehensive College and additional technical training from Cardicom Computer Science Technologies, Louis pursued a career as a private civil contractor.

Louis strongly believes in community involvement and before volunteering with us at Barzakh Falah, he volunteered with a children’s home in Belmopan for several years. In his free time, Louis enjoys a long road trip to relax and clear his head.