Consider Belize for your Business Internship

Whether you are a new graduate seeking out job experience in the business field, or an experienced business person looking to help expand and develop a small business in the beautiful country of Belize, NM Productions will match you with the ideal local business. We seek to create internship placements that maximize the benefit for both the intern and the local business.

From the beach to the rainforest, there are many small businesses in Belize that need the support of interns in order to expand their product lines, services, and marketing outreach. Many of these businesses simply cannot afford to hire additional employees while building their presence within the industry. During your internship placement you will be able to share your existing skills and creative ideas with your business mentor and supervisor while learning about the unique challenges of starting a business in a developing country.

During your internship, you will work with local business owner to assist in improving and developing the range of products or services they offer. You will also help develop marketing plans and strategies to increase sales. You will attend weekly meetings to review your progress with your mentors and supervisors within the business. At the end of your placement, you will be asked to present your experience to the manager/owner and local project team. This is a fantastic opportunity to apply and develop your business skills in a small business setting while building your resume.

You may be involved in the following tasks during your internship:
• Capacity building and training of staff (topics dependent on prior experience)
• Assist with production of sale items
• Introduce new product lines and services
• Develop strategies for marketing, including website design and social media outreach
• Create policies and procedures to manage human resources and finances
• Develop evaluation tools to identify success and impact of business within the local community
• Forecasting business growth, identifying areas of potential growth, and assisting with business development
• Manage and run a small business, including finance and personnel management.
• Interns placed with non-profits/ NGOs may be asked to assist with grant proposals and locating other sources of funding.

Interns in our programs must be creative and able to work in a low-resource environment with a culturally diverse team. You must have a degree or job experience in business, marketing, accounting, or other related fields. Some experience in graphic design and/or website development is extremely valuable.

Although you will be supported during your placement by a dedicated mentor, you will be expected to work independently and take initiative during your internship. Bring a positive attitude, fresh ideas, and a willingness to work as part of a team in order to make the most of your internship placement.

It is recommended that you bring your own laptop and camera in order to work on marketing, product development, presentations, and other tasks. These small local businesses may not have these resources available for interns, or the funds to acquire them.

You will be asked to submit a full CV/ resume, reference letters, and a letter of motivation in your application. We invite you to attach any other evidence that will support your application. A phone interview is required to discuss your expectations and suitability for this internship position.

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