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Ethical Philosophy

All of our programs serve underdeveloped communities or marginalized groups. We have a social and moral responsibility to maximize the benefits for these communities and minimize the negative impacts of volunteer tourism wherever possible. Our projects seek to fulfill a pre-identified community need in a culturally relevant manner. Our projects focus on social development and are designed to be sustainable after the initial financial contribution of student and volunteer tuition fees.

Medical placements (pre-med shadowing, nurses practicums, & medical electives) are arranged in direct partnership with the Government of Belize, Ministry of Health, and the Chief of Staff at the San Ignacio PolyClinic Hospital. Students and volunteers are not permitted to perform procedures beyond their skill level and license, as determined by their home country and/ or institution of education. The Chief of Staff will have the final say on the limitations of each volunteer. We are currently the only legally operating placement partner for medical volunteer placements in Belize.

We employ local Belizeans rather than expatriates whenever practical in order to support the local economy and bridge the cultural divide between our international volunteers and the Belizean community. We use local public transport, tour operators, and locally owned hotels whenever it is safe and convenient to do so.

Similarly, we try to purchase as many of the physical materials needed for our projects and programs from local producers. Whether it is the bed you sleep in, or the bread you eat for breakfast, chances are it was made and purchased in our community.

We are always open to feedback from both our community partners and our students/ volunteers. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the ethical philosophy at NM Productions Belize, please reach out to us via email: